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Paula Arguelles

Ruben Guillermo Albornoz

Teacher – High-pitched wood winds

An Oboe Soloist in the Stable Orchestra of Colón Theater. He graduated from the Oboe Chair of Professor Juan José González of the School of Music of the National University of Cuyo in Mendoza; and he attended advanced courses in Switzerland, France and Chile. In 1988, through a grant from the Colón Theater Foundation, he traveled to Amsterdam where he took classes with Maestro Jan Spronk, soloist of the Concert gebouw Orchestra. As a member of the wind quintet "Numen" he recorded the CD "Latin-American Composers  and integrate the set of winds Colon Opera Concerto, he also recorded the CD "New winds for The Opera and Por mi Patria together with the tenor Darío Volonté.

Fernando Ciancio

Teacher - Metal winds

Trumpet Soloist of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Buenos Aires. He began his trumpet studies with teachers Mario Labataglia, Antonio Galeana, Wilfredo Cardoso and Roberto Fats  Fernandez. He graduated from the National Conservatory of Music Carlos López Buchardo. In Argentina, he acted as soloist in the main orchestras of the country; he received several recognitions such as the Konex Merit Diploma (2009), and the Diploma of Honor in the Argentine Chamber Music Competition of Banco Mayo Foundation. He participated in two occasions in the Marta Argerich Festival, together with this outstanding pianist and the Camerata Bariloche. He was part of the tour of the Israel Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of maestro Zu.

Gerardo Gautin

Teacher - Woodwinds

He began his studies in 1987 with Maestro José Martín Piazzolla and his bassoon studies with his uncle Miguel Gautin. He participated in the International Music Festival of Buenos Aires, during 1996-2001, dictated by soloists of international trajectory. He was a member of the Band and the Municipal Wind Quintet of Mar del Plata and the Chamber Orchestra of San Luis. During 1993-2002 he was a soloist in the Municipal Symphony Orchestra of Mar del Plata, where he is currently a 1 st Bassoon Soloist. In 1998, he was invited by Gustavo Nuñez (a bassoon soloist of the Royal Concertgebouwn Orchestra) to take advanced classes in Amsterdam (Holland); the trip was sponsored by the General Direction of Cultural Affairs of the Argentine Chancellery, Culture Agency and Tourism Agency of General Pueyrredón. In 2001, he won the 1 st prize unanimously in the International Music Competition of Buenos Aires.

Marina Calzado Linage

Percussion teacher

National Conservatory of Music Carlos López Buchardo under the guidance of Maestro Néstor Astutti and she refined her studies in marimba, drum and timbales. In recognition of her talent, she received the Cultural Excellence scholarship from the Presidency of the Nation, among other national and international awards. Throughout her career, she was part of orchestras such as the Philharmonic of Buenos Aires and the Stable Orchestra of Colón Theater, among others. And she participated in the recording of the CD “La marimba en la Argentina”, nominated for the 1997 ACE awards, and “Por un camino de tierra”, both produced by his teacher Ángel Frette.

​María Teresa Fainstein Day

​Teacher of low strings

Cellist in the National Symphony Orchestra. She graduated from the Municipal Conservatory of Music “Manuel de Falla”; as a Superior Professor of Cello and made courses with renowned teachers such as Boris Pergamenschicov, Cristine Walevska, among others. She is the founder of “The Cellists of Buenos Aires” and participated with them in national and international festivals, such as the Reencontre de Violoncelles in the city of Beauvais (France).

Norberto García

Teacher of high strings

First violin in the National Symphony Orchestra. He graduated as a Superior Music Teacher with a specialization in violin from the Municipal Conservatory Manuel de Falla of Buenos Aires. He continued his studies under the direction of Maestro Humberto Carfi, and continued to refine his style in Italy thanks to a grant from the Organization of the American States. He is currently a violin teacher and a conductor of the string orchestra at the same conservatory where he studied. He is also a teacher and director of the symphony orchestra at the Conservatory of the City of San Martín.

Karina Barrionuevo

Teacher of high strings

Music teacher with specialization in violin, graduated from the Superior Conservatory of Music Manuel de Falla,  where she was a member of this orchestra from 1998-2007. By public tender, she was a member of the Chamber Youth Group of the Library of the National Congress in 2000, and of the Sinfonietta Argerich in  2005. She is currently a member of the Municipal Symphony Orchestra of Olavarría, of the “Norberto García”; camerata and guest musician of the Chamber Orchestra of the C.C. Theater of Posadas. Since 1998, she has belonged to various symphonic, opera and chamber ensembles. Since 2009, she has been a writer and a general producer of the for families didactic concerts at the Santa Catarina Music Festival-FEMUSC (Brazil). She was the founder and director of the String Workshop for children and young people of Ranelagh. She is currently a violin teacher of the group Grillitos Sinfónicos of Posadas-Misiones, she is a violin teacher at the Beethoven Conservatory, the Children`s Orchestra at the Abbey and at the Glaux Institute of C.A.B.A.

Paula Arguelles

Dancer - Teacher of Postural Workshop

Graduated from the Instituto Superior de Danza of Colón Theater. She began her dance studies in 1974. In 1983, she was hired by the Stable Ballet of Colón Theater and in 1987 she entered the company through a public tender. She participated in several outstanding ballets, such as: Don Quixote, The Nutcracker, The Sleeping Beauty, The Swan Lake, The Corsair, Coppelia, Romeo and Juliet, among others. In 2000, she was an Assistant Choreographer at the Consecration of Spring. She was the repository of several Ballets for different companies: National Ballet of Paraguay and Ballet del Sodre of Montevideo, among others. Between 2014-2016, she was an Artistic Director of the Ballet of the Province of Salta. She was a Teacher of the IUNA Company, Domus de la Danza Studio, Arte XXI Studio and others. She is currently a teacher of the staff of Julio Bocca Foundation and she is an instructor of the Pilates Method where she works, in rehabilitation, injuries and postural correction.

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