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Jujuy Adean Heart, is much more than a Festival, it is living culture, creative energy and sustainable development. It is an innovative initiative in the art scene and a commitment to the environment. The earth gives us food and sustains life ... we choose to take care of it with art, contributing to a decent future for the new generations.


In an era that positions JUJUY as a modern center for sustainable energy production and technological development, this high-impact international artistic event proposes the integration and cooperation of local, national and international artists; non-profit institutions and local, national and transnational companies in order to project to the world a powerful cultural pole that generates a sustainable conscience, defending traditions and promoting the development of new cultural resources.

Art is a way to change our perception and relationship with the environment, approaching nature in a sensitive, intelligent, responsible and respectful way. Through emotions, this festival aims to install itself producing a positive impact in the cultural, geographical and social context.



The event proposes the following topics:


Art, Culture, Education, Sustainability, Integration, social and economic construction and transformation.


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